Hong Kong Style Lemon Tea Recipe

Spill the tea
One of my favourite summer drink when I visiting Hong Kong style cafe is”Dong Ling Cha” (Iced Lemon Tea). It is actually pretty simple to prepare Hong Kong style lemon tea at home.
Black Tea
2 scoops Sugar Syrup
2-3 Slices of Fresh Lemon
Ice Cubes
Metal Pot
Cocktail stick.
Tall Glass
Preparation Steps
1. Brew the black tea with a metal pot over a burner, make the tea slighly stronger then normal, since the ice will make the tea lighter .
2. filter out the leafs and put the tea in a fridge
3. prepare a glass with ice cubes, sugar sirap, 2-3 slices of lemon and a cocktail stick.
4. Take out the tea from the fridge then pour the cold tea into the glass.
5.  Almost done, In the Hong Kong style cafe the lemon slices are muddle into the tea by the customer. use the cocktail stick (or spoon) and muddle the lemon into the tea until it is sour enough for your preference.
6. Final step, Laid back and enjoy your home make Hong Kong style lemon tea

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