Health Benefits of Jasmine Green Tea

Spill the tea

Here is a summary of all the health benefits of jasmine green tea.

1.Weight Reduction

The tea contains catechins which have fat burning properties and subsequently help in weight reduction. It does this by increasing your metabolic rate. A late study has demonstrated that individuals who drink jasmine green tea have a tendency to get in shape faster than the individuals who don’t drink it consistently.

2.Cardiovascular Health

For those with a personal or family history of cardiovascular issues, tea consumption such as jasmine tea can be a huge help in preventing further problems. The catechins found within many types of jasmine tea have been show to be a key factor in inhibiting LDL-oxidation, which is when “bad” cholesterol in your arteries gets inflamed after being oxidized. That inflammation within veins and arteries can lead to heart attacks or strokes. The catechins found in jasmine tea inhibit this oxidizing process, so blood pressure and cholesterol levels decrease, and long-term threats like heart disease can be prevented.

3. Cold Prevention

The antiviral and antibacterial properties found inside bush tea leaf will facilitate to prevent both colds and the flu. Consuming the tea while you are sick can help speed up your recovery. Some even believe that merely gargling with tea will prevent the health problem, however I don’t really see the purpose of that when the things is so delicious. Simply drink it!

4. Fights Bacteria

Not only does the tea put on its boxing gloves to fight bad bacteria, it also aids our bodies to form good bacteria that helps with digestion.

5. Cancer Prevention

Green tea is high in antioxidants, which means it can lower your risk of developing cancer. This is because antioxidants attack the free radicals that form in your body and can be linked to cancer causation.

6. Anti-Aging

Free radicals can also mess with your skin in terms of healing and revitalization. So another added bonus of antioxidants is that they prevent this and thus slow down the aging process.

7. Stress Relief

Through history jasmine has been utilized for anxiety help and as an energizer, which is due to the previously stated restorative properties. Which clarifies why those Pearl jasmine giving me feeling so relax.

8. Intestinal discomfort

Many people choose to use jasmine tea to boost their metabolism, or even as a workout aid to stimulate additional weight loss, but jasmine tea is highly acidic, so consuming it on an empty stomach to spur on weight loss or metabolic function can cause intestinal pain or discomfort.

9. Aromatherapy

Jasmine itself has restorative properties and is therefore a highly effective form of aromatherapy. Research published in the European Journal of Applied Psychology found that just breathing in jasmine can lessen a person’s heart rate and have a calming impact on both nerve and state of mind.


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