Promote Your Art in a Soothing Occasion

Our tea customers are looking for a relaxing moment away from the excitement of the world in the comfort of a warm cup of tea. It’s the perfect chance to capture their attention with beautiful artwork as they are soothed into calm and contemplation.

At Teacanvas, we value tea drinking as a private moment as well as a social occasion where art is a fantastic topic for discussion. In this way, having unique art to look at and enjoy will give our tea drinkers a great reason to visit our website and see more of your artwork on display.

With every order of our delicious variety of teas, our customers will receive an invitation card to our online galleries and the current exhibition as well as get to see your wonderful artwork included on our product packaging and labels. Each art display comes with included QR codes that link directly to your art galleries and more information about you.

By partnering with Teacanvas, you will have the opportunity to display your artwork in our online galleries. Your information will be available on our site and you will be free to pursue further arrangements with interested customers, whether via social media, your own website, etc.

Our goal is to promote your artwork and your business as we mutually benefit from this special partnership, and as a token of our gratitude, we offer special coupons for our artists so they may receive discounted products.


We welcome both professional and amateur artists to Teacanvas, where we’re excited to promote paintings, pencil sketch, watercolour and more in friendly and soothing themes that include nature, pottery, tea-related art and much more with a focus on drawing visitors into a calm and relaxing mood.

Submit your artwork anytime at and you will be contacted to join our featured artwork and be selected for exhibition.

When you partner with Teacanvas, you will have the opportunity to display your art on our product packaging, as a unique product label, and through our online gallery, exhibition page and category page. From there, you may even choose to have your art to be part of our online shop.

About Our Online Showcase

Any submitted artwork must fulfil basic requirements including image dimensions and artist information before being considered for entry into our online gallery. If accepted, your artwork will be on display in our gallery page and will be accompanied by any promotional information you wish to include. If your art is selected for display our product packaging and labels, it will have its very own QR code which can be linked directly to your exhibition page. This will be the perfect opportunity to further entice visitors with information about yourself and your art.

Our gallery page:

In addition to our gallery, your art will also be on display in our category page, which visitors may browse by theme, colour and your art’s relation to our variety of teas. Our category page is a fun and creative way to inspire a relationship between art and tea, with themes and colours that blend into symbolism, insight and metaphor. For example, white tea and its thematic artwork may inspire clarity, while green tea and its thematic artwork may be a symbol of growth and prosperity. Your selected artwork may be categorised for further promotional qualities and kinship with a tea theme, while all artwork displayed on our packaging and labels gives visitors an opportunity to link back to the category page through a unique QR code. Our category page:

If selected to join our online gallery, your artwork will have its very own exhibition landing page which visitors can see upon scanning the QR code presented on our packaging and labels. Every order of tea comes with a unique promotion on the latest online exhibition, while all of our tea labels include artwork and a unique QR code — making it fun and easy for visitors to enjoy their tea while browsing your artwork and more information online.

You may decide to partner with Teacanvas and allow visitors to print your artwork in our very own print shop. Contact us today to learn more about this unique opportunity and visit our Print Shop gallery here: