Looking for Beta Tester!

I have now released a beta version of this site that shows the overall design direction and look-and-feel.

Iā€™m proud to make it so far by myself, but next step I definitely need some help from you, not just finding program bugs, but also give me fresh ideas how to improve my business.

As a reward to you who try out my new website, I am giving you 20% discount coupon code to purchase at Teacanvas. So now you can enjoy shopping in great discount while you are testing Teacanvas.com

Please leave your feedback in the comment below!

Important Note:

*20% Coupon code: Beta20

*The coupon Beta20 is for real purchase, not for testing purpose. Valid until 31 Oct 2019

*Payment method is Paypal, and all payment is paid in HKD.

*For now, packaging is same as grandtea.com, hopefully we can incorporate some artistic packaging design in the future.

*Since this is a beta, information/price presents in this website is a subject to change.

Known Issues

  • The print shop is not working, don’t try to buy any poster or art work.
  • F.A.Q.S is under construction.

Best Regards

Yat-Fung Yeung

6 replies on ā€œLooking for Beta Tester!ā€œ


    Hello Mr. Yat-Fung Yeung,
    I discovered your tea Co. several years ago, but had a very difficult time trying to purchase your wounderful tea. I contacted you from an address on a box of lL”bagged” tea from a resturant that my wife and I go to. After several years you remembered my e-mail address and contacted me with a way to purchase tea. Thank you very much. My humble suggestion would to be to make sure that your current contact inforation is on everything that you produce. I will be happy to follow up with beta information as I discover it.
    Thank You,
    Douglas Ladd

    • Yat

      There is a brand of tea bags called Grand Tea co. I am not sure if that is a registered business in Hong Kong, but that is not our products. We only sell loose leaf tea, no tea bags and our Hong Kong registered company name is Grand Tea Company.

    • Yat

      I have tried many time, it seem to work. Can you tell my more about the problem. Did you get any error, or what message do you get.
      I have received you order at grandtea.com. I will calculate the discount and return it as refund. Thanks for your help.


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