Make Your own Naturally Fermented Sparkling Tea 2/2

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This is my recipe for a perfect summer drink, a fermented sparkling tea! The idea behind this beverage, for those of you that enjoy something to drink with a slight “kick” to it, lies in successfully combining the follow ingredients. Yeast, tea and sugar

Our goal is to make carbon dioxide, aka CO2, through a simple process. This is done by combining sugar with active yeast and water (tea).

If you like to be more adventurous and get the yeast from the wild please check out my first article.

However if you don’t have the time to catch your own yeast, you can get some baker yeast from the supermarket to make this sparkling tea.

Things You Need to Ferment a Sparkling Tea

100 ml Yeast Starter

Tea Leafs 10 gram White Down Silver Needle

Splash of lemon juice or vinegar

900 ml Water

125 gram white sugar

Plastic Soft Drink Bottle

Equipment and ingredient for making sparkling bubbly tea

Equipment and ingredient for making sparkling bubbly tea


Step1. Solve the sugar in the tea.

Once all the ingredients and equipment are on hand, we proceed as follows. Clean the plastic bottle and utensil carefully. Hygiene is very important here, contamination of harmful microbes will make you sick. So if your final product smells strange and moldy, throw it away. Don’t take any chances.

To get our sweet tea, we cook the tea leaves in a solution of the water and sugar, simmer the leaves of tea for approximately 20 minutes.

Step 2. Cool down the solution. 

The next step is where many people make a mistake. We must let the sweet tea solution cool down to room’s temperature, before adding the yeast starter. If we add the yeast starter too soon the yeast will die.

Step 3. Combine the sweet tea and the yeast starter

Once the sweet tea solution is near room temperature, we add the active yeast starter. You may purchase wine making yeast or literally catch your own yeast from White tea, as done in our first experiment.

Step 4. Bottle it

Next, filter out the tea leafs and fill a plastic bottle with the concoction of sweet tea and starter (never use a bottle made of glass, due to risk of explosion). Don’t forget to add a splash of lemon juice or vinegar, it keeps away the unwanted mold and bad bacteria.

First fill the bottle to 2/3 and shake the sweet tea very actively and firmly. This aerates the solution and helps provide the yeast to get the oxygen it needs to be very active. After you have aerated the tea, fill the bottle to the top and close the lid tightly.

Step 6. Fermentation

Then we allow the entire concoction to sit and ferment at a constant room temperature. After 24 hours, there should already be bubbles of CO2 visible in the solution.

After the 4-5 days of fermentation at room temperature, place the beverage in the refrigerator for two more days, then the fermented tea beverage should be  ready to serve, over ice. Be careful when you open the plastic bottle because it should be under pressure. You should be able to enjoy the tea for several days, but keep it in the refrigerator. If the bottle feels hard and expanded, then it is time to open the bottle to release CO2 pressure its builds up, to prevent the bubbly tea exploded all over the inside of your refrigerator.



Sparkling fermented tea

Sparkling fermented tea

My sparkling white tea tastes somewhat like champagne or a cider. Serve it with ice cubes, very refreshing and just perfect for summer! 100% natural and healthy. Younger people love it but for adults it may be too sweet. This can be taken care of by using less sugar. To make it drier in taste, let it ferment longer. The longer you ferment the tea, the more sugar converts to gas and alcohol by the yeast. How long depends on how dry and alcoholic you prefer.

I would like to experiment with sparkling green tea, black tea, oolong tea, and why not try some unusual like sparkling black pu-erh! If you have a sparkling idea, please send it to me, I would like to try it! :).

Next time you start a new batch, you don’t need to make a starter again. Keep some of your sparkling white tea and it contains the yeast you need to start a new batch.

See the result in video


Book, Brewing Yeast and Fermentation, By Christopher Boulton, David Quain

Home Made Tea Wine

Spill the tea

Spill the tea

Make Your own Naturally Fermented Sparkling Tea Part 1/2

Spill the tea

Spill the tea

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