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Spill the tea

In this blog post, I will introduce you to our GABA tea supplier, Mr. Hsu. I rarely talked about my suppliers, and I had my reason. I didn’t think it was appropriate because competitors would find out where to get my best-selling tea. On second thought, why not chill out and be more transparent? At least that would give my customers more confidence and familiarity to the origin of our teas.

My First Impression of Mr. Hsu

I still remember the first time I talked to Mr. Hsu on Whatsapp when he was talking uninterruptedly about his GABA Oolong for half an hour. We weren’t speaking in the same Chinese dialect, I could only understand half of what he was talking about, even though I understood he was very passionate about making GABA tea. I was simply touched by his passion and started to order from him. We had some minor problems with the transaction, otherwise his services and products are the best, and exceeding all my expectations. 

About Mr. Hsu

May Zest Tea Co. Ltd was founded in 2001 by Mr. Hsu chien-chen. He has been selling tea since 1986, and one thing he often talks about, and is very proud of, is that his university tuition fees were all paid for from the sales of tea. Despite having studied Japanese at university and then working for a Japanese company for three years after graduation, he still couldn’t forget about the satisfaction of working in the tea industry. Eventually, he quit the job and joined the tea business to pursue his passion.

Internet Boom – Tea Boom

He started a company named May Zest (in 2001), and the business went well, partly due to the increased popularity of the Internet, where business is far-reaching with no boundaries. At that time, it was rather extraordinary that the company was able to receive orders from foreign countries even though it had never attended any overseas exhibitions. It ended up with the number of foreign customers increasing, and today 95% of customers are from other countries. Mr. Hsu’s GABA tea has been successfully marketed to more than 20 countries abroad including the USA, UK, Germany, Japan, Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Norway, Slovakia, Canada, Czech Republic…etc. and he is widely respected in the tea industry.

Seeking for a Perfect Cup of Tea

Mr. Hsu chien-chen insists that quality is of the utmost importance and always striving for a perfect cup of tea. For him, tea must be more than just good. It must have a pleasant aroma, smooth, great aftertaste, and unique characteristics, only then it will be perfect. In terms of other quality requirements, testing for any pesticide residues is also a priority for May Zest. After all, the main markets are Europe and the United States, so all of the popular teas must pass the EU standard SGS test, thus giving customers full confidence.


May Zest’s main product is GABA tea (Gamma-Amino-Butyric Acid), a tea rich in ethylbutyric acid that has been marketed in Taiwan for over 13 years. GABA Oolong tea is fermented in a vacuum for 10 hours before roasting, then stirred for 1.5 hours and this process is repeated 3 times before undergoing the traditional Oolong tea making process, which is the most delicate and complicated way of making tea. Over the past 10 years, 12 types of GABA teas have been successfully developed, varies on the level of fermentation, degree of roasting, origin and tea plant varieties.

For the past 16 years, May Zest has been working diligently to bring Taiwan’s premium GABA teas to consumers and raising the visibility of Taiwanese tea in the international arena. We are very pleased with the GABA tea from May Zest, and appreciate their insistence on quality.

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