Old Tea or Aged Tea?

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Old Tea or Aged Tea?

The concept of aged tea arose from China and now it has become more famous thanks to its unique characteristics. From the collector’s point of view, aging of tea is something about realizing tea’s future potentials based on its present taste and quality. Some of the teas do not taste as good as fresh teas and will need to improve its flavor by keeping them for some time.

To be called an aged tea, general speaking it needs to be aged at least 4 years or more under the relevant environmental conditions to preserve its favorable characteristics. Pu-erh tea is the most famous aged tea in China. Other than the Pu-erh tea, sometimes black tea (red tea ), Oolong tea, white tea, and in some cases green tea can also be drunk as aged teas.

Old tea vs. Aged tea

Old tea and aged tea are not the same. Old tea refers to the teas which have passed its prime and have a depleted taste and flavor, while aged teas still have its taste and a complex flavor. Generally, all the teas may lose flavor with the time, and teas with a suitable quality and the right storage condition can minimize the loss of flavor.

Why is it important to select a high-quality tea as a source of aged tea?

Choosing the right tea to begin with is most important. Tea that is suitable for aging will gain complexity and uniqueness without losing its flavor and taste. How to choose the right tea is about experience and a bit of luck. But as a general guideline is that you should not choose anything that is too delicate and light in flavor.  

With the exception of Puerh, it is recommended to age tea with sealed packaging or airtight containers to preserve its unique characteristics. The teas need to be stored in a dark environment, slightly below the room temperature with low humidity while keeping away from strong odors and smells.

This article is only scratching the surface of the topic aged tea. If you want to know more, please comment below and let me know that you are interested in this topic. 

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