“There is something in the nature of tea that leads us into a world of quiet contemplation of life.”
― Lin Yutang

Tea is not just a beverage, but it is a lifestyle statement, and with the artisan teas we have at Teacanvas, we are completely upgrading it to an elevated level. While Teacanvas started with a vision to provide the best tea, but we, as a brand, keep evolving and bring joy in the lives of our customers. As its name suggests, Teacanvas is a combination of two mediums of art very close to my heart, tea, and canvas.

I love to paint and draw, due to life’s hustle-bustle, I stopped. Now I have learned to prioritize my passion and started drawing again, and in my store, you can find my artwork in various forms of merchandise, such as mugs, upholstery, T-shirts, etc. For any tea and art lover like me, these two are indeed the best combinations. We as a brand keep evolving, and now that I am following my heart, my head reels with a myriad of ideas, waiting to be executed. Meanwhile, I take one step at a time, but I see Teacanvas expanding, and starting various niches, so watch out this space for more.

Yat-Fung Yeung