Tea + Artistic Expression =

magnificent experience!

Our mission is to not only provide our customers with a large selection of exceptional Chinese teas, but to also offer artists opportunities to display their talents on our packaging and network. For our tea customers the packaging introduces them to the work of artists in a way that enhances the ritual of tea drinking with a refreshing artistic and spiritual experience.

Vision and Value

We envision that the packaging we develop will kindle an increased interest and appreciation of emerging artists; that the exceptional quality of our teas will position our brand as the number one choice among tea drinkers worldwide; and that our reputation for innovating marketing and service excellence will become the standard by which others in the industry measure their performance.

  • Authenticity – All of our teas are sourced from trusted Chinese suppliers.
  • Quality – High quality is at the heart of our business. We offer premium teas and the finest examples of emerging art.
  • Creativity – We celebrate creativity and hope to unleash the artistic spirit of emerging talent worldwide.
  • Integrity – Our business philosophy is grounded on trust, respect, transparency, and dependability.
  • Accountability – We hold ourselves accountable to tea-drinkers worldwide; to artists and their artistic visions; and to ourselves as the guardians of an exceptional product line.