I am an artist
and tea merchant

Doing tea business has been an exciting journey for me. When I started I was only a fresh graduate art student and have no experience in tea, the only tea I known was tea bags from supermarket and low grade loose tea from dim sum restaurant. By chance my big brother introduce me the premium Chinese tea and it art, I was so fascinate about the subject that I started to corporate with my brother and started my first business website

The idea of Teacanvas came out from frustration that I never have time to paint. I had been thinking about the idea of combining tea and painting in a business in very long time. I really mean very long time, like 10 years. I just don’t know that why I could not bring myself doing it, maybe I was no brave enough, or just the time wasn’t right. One thing was sure is my longing to be a professional painter grew stronger everyday it passed by. In the 2019 summer the idea of combining tea and painting finally clicks. All the puzzle parts like website technology, services and circumstances seem to fall into place and the final idea of Teacanvas was born.

Yat-Fung Yeung