Tea represents harmony, spiritual connection, rejuvenation and contentment.

Tea drinkers are looking for a relaxing moment away from the excitement of the world in the comfort of a warm cup of tea. It’s the perfect chance to capture their attention with beautiful artwork as they are soothed into calm and contemplation.

At Teacanvas, we value tea drinking as a private moment as well as a social occasion where art is a fantastic topic for discussion. In this way, having unique art to look at and enjoy will give tea drinkers a great reason to visit our website and see more of artist’s artwork on display.

With every order of our delicious variety of teas, our customers will receive an invitation card to the an exhibition just like this one, as well as get to see wonderful artwork included on our product labels. Each art display comes with included QR codes that link directly to the artist page and more information about the artist.

Artist: Yat-Fung Yeung

(Owner of TeaCanvas.com)