Xi Hu Dragon Well


The leafs of Dragon Well is flat and the taste is refreshing, sweet and delicate with exquisite fragrance.

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Dragon Well is a most celebrated green tea in China. Traditionally it was originally made in the town “Lung Ching” in the Zhejiang Province and the name “Dragon Well” is direct translation of the town’s name. It was considered to be an imperial tea by the Kangxi Emperor of Qing dynasty.

Taste and appearance

Dragon Wells’ leaves appear quite different from other tea leaves. They look more like flattened beanstalks. They are plucked out in a combination of several leaves and one bud. They are then fried and flattened in a way that both the leaves appear joint, making them look like a single leaf. The process of pan-frying the leaves adds a toasty flavor to them.

The tea brewed from Xi Hu Dragon Well leaves is sweet and has thick, velvety flavor. It has a yellow-green color. What makes the tea different from other green teas found in China is its nutty, roasted taste. The tea spreads out an aromatic mix of floral and marine smells, with a whiff of chestnut too.

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