All-in-one set – Kamjove TP-13 Tea Cup/Teapot with Filter 300ml

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Spill the tea

Material: Food grade PC (Polycarbonate), a kind of plastic.

How to use this mug,

  1. Put some tealeaves into the inner pot of the teacup.
  2. Add boiling water into the pot. Water-stop valve makes inner pot completely lead-proof.
  3. Lid the pot for a few minutes.
  4. Press the button on the cover and let tea be filtered and flow out into the outer pot. Separate leaves and liquor to avoid over-steeping.
  5. Remove the inner pot. Use the outer pot as serving pot

Note: the infuser (inner pot where you make the tea) holds 150ml (5.07 fl oz) water only, 300ml capacity is for outer pot. No need to bring another cup for persoanl use.


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