Formosa Organic Jin Xuan Oolong – New Arrival

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It is the premium version of the oolong, regarded for its distinct flowery aroma.

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Our Jin Xuan Oolong tea is light roasted and have a natural creamy texture without edible milk flavoring.

Jin Xuan Oolong tea is a Taiwan Oolong tea and it has been produced as a hybrid cultivar by the Tea Research Extension Station in Taiwan. Jin Xuan Oolong tea is coming from an area called Alishan, in Taiwan. The elevation of the area is between 1000 to 1600 meters and the mountainside area is always covered with fog and cloud. This exclusive climate condition is ideal for the growing of Jin Xuan Oolong Tea.

Special qualities that contain Jin Xuan Oolong tea are having strong immunity to fight against naturally occurring pests, and having somewhat larger leaf to increase the yield. Jin Xuan Oolong tea also known as Taiwan#12 and well known for its subtle milk flavor. When the tea is processed with light roasting it gives cream quality with milk fragrance. Sometimes edible flavours including milk flavor are added to Jin Xuan Tea to enhance the milk flavor and generally, it is done with lower quality low altitude teas.

Why should you drink Oolong?

Jin Xuan tea, not only giving that delicate flavor, but also it is reflecting many health benefits. As a tea with a great milky flavor Jin Xuan may give a calorie free drink for your daily consumption. Containing of antioxidant polyphenols is beneficial for boosting overall health while eliminating free radicals from the body. Jin Xuan gives benefits on your beauty as it helps to maintain healthy skin while controlling certain skin conditions like acne and eczema. Researches conclude that drinking only half a cup of oolong tea per day may reduce the risk of high blood pressure by 50%. As an overall benefit, it may strengthen the immune system while giving protection against array of illnesses.

Be healthy for every day with the delicate milky taste of Jin Xuan Oolong tea!

How do you brew a nice cup of Jin Xuan ?

When it comes to steeping, first three infusions of Jin Xuan tea may begin to bring out slightly milky scent and it will gradually reduce with subsequent infusions. The creaminess of the tea is characterized by the tea variety, its growing condition and the exceptional processing method. Small Jin Xuan tea leaf balls are unfurl in hot water giving highly aromatic, smooth, mellow infusion with a sweet cream and caramel notes.

Western style of brewing takes you just a couple of minutes. You’ll need 2-3 teaspoons of  tea for ½ liter of water for an intense cup of tea. Pour boiling water (100ºC) into the tea cup, let the leaves steep for 3-5 minutes, and then serve with sugar or honey. You can brew quality Jin Xuan about seven times.

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