Glaze Crazing Brewing Cup with Lid filter

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Gaiwan is probably the most common tea utensil for Chinese tea connoisseurs.  This piece is inexpensive and perfect for beginners, yet it is still beautifully decorated.

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Spill the tea

This is a variation of brewing cup and unlike a common Gaiwan, the lid has holes that serve as a filter. The material is sturdy and thick, which makes it less fragile and less hot to hold when brewing tea.

The design is antique inspired and purposely made it with glaze crazing, and with time, the crackle will taint with tannin from tea.

I like this cup because of its elegant design, simplicity. The size is relative big, and makes it perfect to use if you don’t want to keep re-brewing your tea. The lid-filter design is much easier to handle than Gaiwan, no more burned fingers.

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Brewing cup: 9 cm(H) x 10 cm(W)

Capacity: 160 mL


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