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Huang Jin Gui Oolong

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It is the premium version of the oolong, regarded for its distinct osmanthus like flowery aroma and  taste.

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Huang Jin Gui (Huang Jin = Gold, Gui = Osmanthus)  is a premium variety of Chinese oolong tea which comes from Anxi in Fujian province. It is named after the yellow golden color of its budding leaves and its unique flowery aroma that said to be reminiscent of Osmanthus.

What does the process look like?

Huang Jin Gui’s making process is similar to the famous Tikuanyin. Huang Jin Gui is harvested only in spring and the leaves are usually plucked only in the earliy in the morning. The freshly plucked leaves are then sun dried, and shaken through a rotating container to remove any debris and soften the leaf surface. The leaves are light oxidized, and then left to wither for several hours in a quality-controlled setting. The withered leaves are rolled by hand or in a roaster. They are packed into bags, rolled, unpacked, re-packed and rolled around 100 times to make tiny balls.

Why should you drink Oolong?

As the tea leaves are only slightly oxidized, they preserve their antioxidants to offer health benefits. They contain polyphenols, which help you to burn fat. A healthy eating habit and regular exercise, oolong tea could be effective aid towards a fitter body.

How do you brew a nice cup of Huang Jin Gui?

Western style of brewing takes you just a couple of minutes. You’ll need 2-3 teaspoons of Huang Jin Gui tea for ½ liter of water for an intense cup of tea. Pour boiling water (100ºC) into the tea cup, let the leaves steep for 3-5 minutes, and then serve with sugar or honey. You can brew quality Huang Jin Gui about seven times.

The tea is vacuum packed in individual small convenience pack which is perfect for a medium size Gaiwan, using Chinese style of brewing.

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  1. Maria C. (verified owner)

    Yet another delicious oolong. Super fragrant and flavorful.

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