Lan Gui Ren – New Arrival

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A thick and strong cup of tea that has a very sweet aftertaste and liquorice tingle explains the real taste of Lan Gui Ren tea.  It is a type of Oolong tea and called Sweet Ginseng too. Lan Gui Ren gives a fresh and floral fragrance with a subtle ginseng aroma as the rolled tiny tea leaves have been coated with American ginseng powder to produce the tea.

Lan Gui Ren is known as “ Lady Orchid” or Ginseng Oolong” because of its specific taste profile. The tea has been produced with 95% of traditional oolong and 5% of American ginseng powder. Ginseng may promote blood circulation and support a healthy immune system. This combination may allow to come out the sweet fruity aroma of oolong tea and strong, fresh aroma of ginseng.

During the processing of Lan Gui Ren, at first oolong tea leaf is processed following the traditional processing method. Then the rolled tea leaves are dried and blended with ginseng powder. Once the tea mixed with ginseng powder is kept for 4 to 6 hours under the temperature of about 200 Lan celcius, the ginseng aroma is fully absorbed to the tea.

Lan Gui Ren has a Powdery appearance and to brew the entire tea leaves, requires more steep and water with high temperature.  It is vital to know how to do the brewing of this special tea to feel its real taste. Always better to wash both cup and teapot with hot water prior to prepare tea.

Steep tea in hot water at 95°c (203°F) for 1 minute for first and second brewing and the time to be increased gradually for subsequent brewing. The recommendation of experts to brew oolong tea is to use porcelain tea ware which enables to enjoy an exclusive cup of tea. If you are going to steep the tea in a cup, use 3 grams of tea and brew for 3 minutes. Follow the same process after the first and second steeping.

As the tea has been produced with both Oolong tea and Ginseng it gives many health benefits. It is one of number one beauty teas to enhance your natural beauty with its’ antioxidant content. The high antioxidant content of Lan Gui Ren tea may prevent heart diseases, improve the skin, detoxify the body. Regular intake of Lan Gui Ren may decrease the absorption of fats and carbohydrates in the body and improves digestion while warming the stomach. Specially the Ginseng extract contains in tea may stimulate the body, restore energy levels and boost the immune system.

Enjoy the taste of an exclusive oolong tea that comes along with your favourite Oolong tea range.


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