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Mi Xiang Dan Cong Oolong Tea

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Mi Xiang Dan Cong tea is a roasted oolong tea that is prized for its rich, lychee like flavor and its lingering aftertaste.

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This particular tea is grown on Phoenix Mountain, where it has several thousand trees over 100 years old. The older tea trees are prized for their light, complex but long lasting flavor, whereas younger trees are valued for producing strong and crispy flavor. The history of this tea goes back over 600 years.


There are a few different legends related to the origin of this tea. According to one, a young Song Dynasty emperor and his officers fled into the mountains to escape their enemies. After they ran out of water, the emperor became very thirsty. A phoenix flew over him and dropped tea leaves and seeds into his hands. He ate the leaves and was refreshed. This story claims the mountain was named Phoenix Mountain after this incident.

Taste and Aroma

Apart from it roasted flavor, this tea smell like orchids, honey, Long Yan and lychee. Some people aslo said it reminds of mango or peach flavors. Depend how you brew it, it could be a strong tea, short steep is recommend.

Health Benefits

This tea is good for digestion. For this reason, it is popular among local people who eat very rich diets to have a cup of Dan Cong after the meal. Compare to other grandteas’ products, Mi Xiang Dan Cong contains a lot more caffeine then average. The healthy amount of caffeine and teamine would keep you alert and concentrate during the day. If you are sensitive and have a hard time to sleep, I recommend you to try something milder such as our Silver Needle White Tea.

Gaiwan Brewing

Serious devotees get very particular about how they brew it, the source of the water they use, and even the kind of pot that is used. The instruction below is served as guide for beginner of using Gaiwan.

Put 5-10 grams of tea leaves into a Gaiwan, 10 gram for a stronger tea and 5 gram for a medium strengh tea. Rapidly pour boiling water over it. Pour off the first brew as a wash. Do not steep the tea more than 3 seconds. You can steep it about 8 times, serving in small Chinese style tea cups.

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  1. Douglas Ladd (verified owner)

    excellent Oolong tea. Just the fragrance from the container is great!

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