Mi Xiang Tikuanyin

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The bright orange color, smooth texture and long lasting sweet aftertaste of the tea make Mi Xiang Tikuanyin tea one of the most popular oolong tea varieties in China. The antioxidants in the tea make it a healthy drink too, reducing the risk of cancer, while fighting bacterial infections.

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Mi Xiang Tikuanyin is among the most popular Chinese oolong teas and for plenty of reasons. Mi Xiang Tikuanyin derives its name from Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy and there is an interesting story behind it.

A tea grower noticed the deteriorating condition of a temple with an iron statue of the Goddess of Mercy, Guanyin. As he was financially unstable, he decided to pay his tribute to the Goddess by cleaning the place twice a month and burning incense sticks in front of the statue. The tea grower had a dream about the Goddess once day, wherein she told him about a treasure hidden in the temple. She told him to share it with others as well and the tea grower did just that. The treasure was nothing, but a single tea shoot. The leaves of the plant produced a tasty drink that won over anyone who drank it. He sold the drink (naming it after Guanyin) and eventually the village prospered and the temple was repaired too. The rest as they say is history!

Appearance and taste

The tea leaves have a dark brown color to them, are all curled up and feel thick when touched. However, the tea leaves when infused, make way for an aromatic bright orange drink. The tea has a smooth texture and smells like orchids. It leaves behind a sweet aftertaste similar to honey. However, the highlight of the Mi Xiang Tikuanyin tea is its rich roasted aroma. The is largely grown in the Anxi County in Fujian.

Health benefits

The tea is loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids and polyphenols, making it a healthy drink. Antioxidants in the tea help stay protected from cancer, while also slowing down the aging process. The amino acids and vitamins in the tea also help prevent hardening of arteries and keep cholesterol level in control.


When brewing the tea in a Chinese Gongfu Way, take about 85 ml and add 7.5 grams of tea in it. Steep the tea seven times starting with a period of 10 seconds, going all the way to 70 seconds. The tea should be brewed at 100 degrees Celsius. The use of Gaiwan is recommended for this method of brewing the tea.

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