Moonlight White Tea – Yunnan White Tea

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Moon Light Whiter Tea is a good quality white tea from Yunnan. It is a mixture of tea buds and young leafs, which make this tea rich, gingery and sweet.

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Moonlight White Tea is a premium white tea grown in Yunnan province. It is a mixture of whitish buds and fermented dark young leaves, and the appearance reminds of the crescent moon in the sky, which has given the name Organic Moonlight White.

Taste and appearance

The brewed tea has a light orange color. The tea releases subtle fruits scents and has honey-like sweetness with hints of gingery taste.

Health benefits

While all varieties of tea are considered healthier alternatives to coffee, white tea is believed to have the highest level of antioxidants. Also, white tea is one of the least processed teas. Like other high quality white tea, it offers several health benefits. The catechins in white tea also slow down the aging process while flushing out toxins from the body.


Add about three grams of Moonlight White tea leaves in 150 ml of water between the temperature of  85-90 degrees Celsius. The tea should be steeped between 2-3 minutes, and not more than 5 minutes. It is recommended that you use a Gaiwan to brew the tea, to release all its flavors to the fullest.

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Organic Info

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Pu’er Zuxiang Mountain Tea Garden

 zuxiang tea

Puer Zuxiang Tea Garden

Pu’er Zuxiang is an organic tea garden located in the Yunnan Province of China. The tea-estate is located in the Wuliang mountain beside the Lancang River. It has a beautiful scenery with the combination of the blue sky & the evergreen forest. The environment is full of biodiversity. Truly, a gifted location for them by nature. There are no genetic engineering & chemical synthesis substances involved in the farming method. The tea plantation is environmental and it does not pollute water, soils and air.

mr. Dong

Mr. Dong is the founder of this organic tea garden, and before he became a tea farmer, he was a forest farmer. Because of a change of nation policy he had to end his forest business. He started the organic tea garden 13 years ago and he considered that he was brave but naive at that time. In the first 3 years he struggled to keep the tea seedling alive, but he never minded those obstacles and daily worked for his target up till today.

We (Teacanvas) have been working with Mr. Dong since 2018 and today he is one of the our most trusted tea suppliers. They always deliver what we ask for, good quality, and good price.

Idea & concept of Pu’er Zuxiang

 Puer Zuxiang Tea Garden

Puer Zuxiang Tea Garden _ insect sticker

No pesticide cultivation & international organic certification is the ultimate goal for Zuxiang. They know that the future market for bio tea is high & more competitive. So, they reach their goal step by step with lots of research about natural farming. “Process good tea & safe tea for our consumers” they think it as their social responsibility.

While making good and safe tea for consumers, they involve another social responsibility activity. They are recruiting employees from ethnic minorities to improve their living condition and education. Zuxiang is emphasized on the value of each employee, to grow them along with the company.

Organic Certificate

EU Organic Processing Certificate:no. 2018-179659-Z-94259-2018
EU Organic Growing Certificate: no. 2018-179659-Z-94259-2018
Certification of Organic Operation: no. 2018-179659-Z-94261-2018


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