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Organic Celestial Honey Yellow Tea

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First grade organic tea has been brought straight from an EU certified lush garden of Yunnan province.

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This rare and sophisticated tea is one of our best sellers of the season and it’s a true gift for yourself as well as for your loved ones. This first grade, organic tea has been brought straight from an EU certified lush garden of Yunnan province – China, and this has been crafted authentically, following the unique steps of yellow tea production. The appearance of the tea is really appealing with its black and bright golden color combination and the well-twisted make. This tea can be enjoyed on its own thanking to its subtle and refined aroma and the taste that resembles a delicate tea of smooth creamy and buttery finish. The tea can be enjoyed any time of the day and this extra special tea can be a perfect gift item too!

Taste note

Leaf: The tea leaves have been made into a real luxury finish; the dry leaf of the tea has well-twisted make and an abundant amount of bright golden tips. The infused leaf shows a bright coppery appearance, indicating the signs of a precise manufacturing style.

Color: Brewed tea has a clear and bright golden liquor.

Aroma: The brewed tea and the infusion has a prominent sweet, caramel aroma that is truly appealing.

Taste: The tea is a true master craft; with the first sip you can feel the sophisticated combination of the flavors. The tea has prominent floral notes along with the mild sweetness of honey and carries smooth buttery aftertaste.

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Spill the tea

Westen-style steeping

  • uses large teapots (500ml or bigger)
  • uses a large quantity of water and a small quantity of tea
  • time in the water for the tea is long – steep times of 2-5 minutes depending on the tea
  • some teas can be successfully be re-steeped but the taste will be thin and light due to the large amount of water used in this method
  1. Warm the pot with hot water and discard.
  2. Add water of approximately 85⁰C, or between 75⁰C. – 85⁰C/167°F – 185°F.
  3. Add 1g of tea leaves for every 50 ml of water.
  4. Allow the tea to infuse for about 2 minutes.
  5. Pour the liquor into a serving pitcher and decant completely.

Asian-style steeping

  • uses small teapots (10 ounces/280 ml or less) or a gaiwan (3-6 ounces/85-170 ml)
  • uses a small quantity of water and a large quantity of tea
  • time in the water for the tea is very short – steep times are 30 seconds to 1 minute
  • tea is re-steeped multiple times to reveal a different facet of flavor each time. Flavor will be rich in dimension and very full bodied due to the ratio of tea to water
  1. Boil Your Water and let it cool down to 175°F/80⁰C.
  2. Pre-heat the gaiwan
  3. Add your loose leaf to your empty gaiwan.
  4. Measure Your Loose Leaf tea approx. 2-3 gram.
  5. Next, add your loose leaf to your empty gaiwan.
  6. Brew the Wash Steeping is optional for green tea. Avoid pouring your water directly onto the tea leaves.
  7. First Steeping.
  8. Resteep multiple times, until the leafs are out of flavor.

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