Original Landscape Painting no. 01 – Impressionistic Hong Kong Island

US$ 127.00

Size:  29 x 29 cm (approx. 12 inch).

Year :2014 Feb

Style: Realistic

Material: Watercolor on good quality watercolor paper

Frame: no frame

Packaging: Rolled and inserted in mailing tubes

Note: Stamp on the front, sign on the back



Spill the tea

I wish I could go out everyday to just paint landscapes! Painting landscapes is both fascinating and challenging, but what really attracts me is that while I am doing it, I feel connected to nature and bring me peace of mind.

Usually I am too busy to stay outdoors and paint, and using my mobile phone to capture the landscape is the next best thing to do. While I am hiking and visiting the island, I would take reference photos and finish the work at home. I feel that I still have much to learn about landscape painting, so I keep experimenting with different styles and materials, and try to be more open to new ideas.

This particular painting depicts Hong Kong Island in its sunset, color is imaginative. The palette I was using was very basic, 3 primary colors, white and very little black. I was trying to mix the color on the canvas using scumbling and layer on layer technique, to recreate the atmospheric haze during the sunset.


Size: 24×30 cm

Year : 2020 Dec

Style: Impressionistic

Material: Acrylics on Stretched Canvas

Frame: no frame

Packaging: Paper box

Note:initial on the front, Sign on the back


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