Porcelain Classic Cup from 80’s – Wan Shou Wu Jiang

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Spill the tea

This stock of cup is an old production from the 80’s that I have kept for many years. The pattern design is hand colored, and each cup is slightly different in its color and I think that is that charm for that period’s handcrafted tea cups. The material is thick and sturdy, meant for everyday use. There are imprints of four common used Chinese words, ‘Wan’ 萬, Shou’ 壽, ‘Wu’ 無 and ‘Jiang’ 疆.  ‘Wan Shou Wu Jiang’ translates as boundless longevity or everlasting long life, where Wan = 10,000, Shou = long life and Wu Jiang = without boundary.

Notes: no box available

Capacity: 75 ml

Height: 5.2 cm

Diameter: 7.4 cm


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