Premium Pearl Jasmine

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Let the cozy and soothing goodness of the Premium Pearl Jasmine tea tantalize your senses with every sip that you take. Each pearl in the tea packs a sophisticated blend of sweet and floral flavors in a deceptively subtle composition that will have you going that second cup even before you realize.

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The use of Jasmine tea can be traced back to when it was being transported through the Silk Road when the Song dynasty reigned, and considered to be an art in the eastern Fujian Province for years. The Premium Pearl Jasmine uses spring-harvested tea sprigs, a premium-grade tea that is identified by its white-tipped buds, and often mistaken for white tea. Each Premium Pearl Jasmine is made by rolling a sprig of two tea leaves with an unopened bud to form its signature pearl form, and then processed as green tea. It is then infused with real jasmine blossoms, so that the soothing scent lingers long after than as with teas that use artificial flavoring.

Taste, appearance, aroma of the tea

The Jasmine pearls come complete with a fat rounded bud and hand-rolled dainty tea leaves. They are less likely to break than their flaky leaf-shaped counterparts, and offer more infusion play options, as the pearl takes longer to infuse. The Pearl Jasmine buds unfold beautifully when they come in touch with water, and the subtle floral scent of the jasmine infusion gradually takes over to indulge your taste buds and senses. The light-colored medium bodied brew is a delight to the eyes and the taste buds.

Health benefits of the tea

The Premium Pearl Jasmine brings the traditional benefits of green tea such as boosts the metabolic rate, stimulates the brain (without the side effects caused by caffeine), lowers cancer risk (due to anti-oxidants), and improves brain functionality. The jasmine blend in the concoction promotes natural detoxification, reduces stress, alleviates depression and reduces risk of cancer.

Why you should give this tea a try

Whether you are looking for a fitter mind, a fitter body, or overall health and wellness, the Premium Jasmine Pearl tea is your accomplice.

How to brew the tea

Start by warming the tea glass, and then add the tea leaves to it. Heat water separately to about 85-90 degree Celsius and fill up the glass to about 3 cm. Now, spin the tea glass, and watch as the tea is infused due to the water circulation. Add some more water to the glass, and use up-down motions on the glass so that the tea infuses completely. Once the tea leaves it the bottom of the glass, it is ready to drink.

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