Rou Gui – Wu Yi Oolong – New Arrival

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Rou Gui tea is also known as Yu Gui (玉桂) and belongs to the 5 famous bushes of Wuyishan.

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Rou Gui Wuyi Oolong is another type of classic Chinese Oolong tea and the name reflects the growing area, Wu Yi Shan in Fujian province of China. The meaning of “Rou Gui” refers Chinese Cinnamon and in English it is known as “Cassia Oolong” tea. The name has been given based on its distinct natural flavor, which is similar to spicy or cinnamon taste. Rou Gui Wuyi oolong combines the roasted, slightly spicy, floral aroma and flavor which is described as deeply warming balanced tea. “Wu Yi Rock Oolong”, “Yancha” are some famous names used for Rou Gui Wuyi Oolong tea. The name “Rock Oolong” has been given as the particular tea plant grows in rocky mountainsides where the soil has high mineral content. This will result in a distinctive rock taste of the tea and receive a good price thanking its specialties. Even though it tastes rocky and mineral taste at the beginning, it may give long-lasting sweet aftertaste.

To process the tea, 4 -5 leaves are picked together and oxidized partially. Then the leaves are gently roasted over high heat and it is to be done for twice to complete the processing.

Rou Gui Wuyi oolong tea is brewed by brewing it at 90°C water for about 3-4 minutes and it can brew 3 or more times depending on the taste. The tea will result in a golden brown infusion with sweet light floral aroma. However, the best way to brew Rou Gui Wuyi Oolong tea is traditional Gongfu brewing style and use of high leaf to water ratio, quick steeps, brewing tea at high temperature may enhance the taste of tea. In GongFu style, 4g of tea to be used per 60-100ml of water and water temperature should remain as 93-95°C. The brewing time is 10-15 seconds per infusion and it can be brewed up to 8 infusions.

The Polyphenol content in Oolong tea is much higher compared to Black tea and Green tea. Therefore, it has been proven that the Rou Gui Wuyi Oolong tea burns fat faster than green tea and increase metabolism resulting in natural weight loss. Rou Gui Oolong tea may also reduce the cholesterol level, protect against cancers, prevent tooth plaque and tooth decay and strengthen the bones.

It’s time to feel the sweet-spicy taste of Rou Gui Wuyi Tea!

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