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Shi Feng Supreme Dragon Well – Green Tea

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Shi Feng Long Jing is among the ten most popular teas in China. The light green tea leaves are roasted and flattened by hand before they are ready drink.

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Shi Feng Long Jing originated in the Longjing village near Hangzhou located in the Zhejiang Province of China. It was considered to be an imperial tea by the Kangxi Emperor of Qing dynasty. The tea is also known as Lion’s Peak Dragon Well Tea, as Dragon Well is located close to Longjing village.

Taste and appearance

Shi Feng Long Jing tea leaves appear quite different from other tea leaves. They look more like flattened beanstalks. They are plucked out in a combination of two leaves and one bud. They are then fried and flattened in a way that both the leaves appear joint, making them look like a single leaf. The process of pan-frying the leaves adds a toasty flavor to them.

The tea brewed from Shi Feng Long Jing leaves is sweet and has thick, velvety flavor. It has a yellow-green color. What makes the tea different from other green teas found in China is its nutty, roasted taste. The tea spreads out an aromatic mix of floral and marine smells, with a whiff of chestnut too.

Health benefits

The tea is loaded with amino acids and Vitamin C. The vitamin is helpful in preventing cold and relieving stress. It is also said to reduce the chances of suffering a stroke. Shi Feng Long Jing also contains a high amount of catechins, generally found in green teas.

Brewing Method#1

You can extract the best taste from the tea leaves by using the traditional Gong Fu style of making tea. Add about three grams of tea leaves in the Gaiwan and boil about 100 ml water to 80 degrees Celsius. The tea can be steeped up to four times. Steep the tea for one or two minutes, the first two times and increase the time to three to five minutes for the next two times.

Brew Method#2 
Tall glass brewing method, it is most simple technique to make a delicious glass of Dragon Well.
Tall glass brewing method is intended for un-fermented tea such as green tea, white tea, yellow tea and mao cha. The method is simple. Basically, all you need to do is use a tall glass, put the tea leaves in to it then fill the glass with the appropriate temperature water. Through the transparent glass you can appreciate the beautiful leaves as they unfurl and release their delicate flavors. Once the leaves have sunk to the bottom, you can actually drink straight from the glass. As fine green and white teas should never become too bitter, you can keep the leaves in the glass without taking it out.

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Spill the tea

Westen-style steeping

  • uses large teapots (500ml or bigger)
  • uses a large quantity of water and a small quantity of tea
  • time in the water for the tea is long – steep times of 2-5 minutes depending on the tea
  • some teas can be successfully be re-steeped but the taste will be thin and light due to the large amount of water used in this method
  1. Warm the pot with hot water and discard.
  2. Add water of approximately 85⁰C, or between 75⁰C. – 85⁰C/167°F – 185°F.
  3. Add 1g of tea leaves for every 50 ml of water.
  4. Allow the tea to infuse for about 2 minutes.
  5. Pour the liquor into a serving pitcher and decant completely.

Asian-style steeping

  • uses small teapots (10 ounces/280 ml or less) or a gaiwan (3-6 ounces/85-170 ml)
  • uses a small quantity of water and a large quantity of tea
  • time in the water for the tea is very short – steep times are 30 seconds to 1 minute
  • tea is re-steeped multiple times to reveal a different facet of flavor each time. Flavor will be rich in dimension and very full bodied due to the ratio of tea to water
  1. Boil Your Water and let it cool down to 175°F/80⁰C.
  2. Pre-heat the gaiwan
  3. Add your loose leaf to your empty gaiwan.
  4. Measure Your Loose Leaf tea approx. 2-3 gram.
  5. Next, add your loose leaf to your empty gaiwan.
  6. Brew the Wash Steeping is optional for green tea. Avoid pouring your water directly onto the tea leaves.
  7. First Steeping.
  8. Resteep multiple times, until the leafs are out of flavor.

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  1. Yat (store manager)

    Love this Green Tea

  2. Yat (store manager)

    Our first harvested Shi Feng dragon well is really delicate,
    definitely not old. Dragon well taste best when it is new harvested and we never sell dragon well longer then one year. All our green teas are stored between 4-8 Celsius degrees. You can either add more leaf or brew longer to get a stronger taste. Some people actually appreciate slightly lower grade dragon well, because they like a stronger taste tea.

  3. Marcel (verified owner)

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