Spring Wind Jasmine Green Tea

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Smooth and refreshing, subtle and fragrant, each sip of the Jasmine Green Tea hits you just like the inviting spring breeze, only the tea is palatable any season year round. Tastes lovely as is or can be paired as an accompaniment with every day cuisine, as your taste buds please.

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A favorite among the many scented teas in China, one of the first instances when Jasmine tea was used dates back to the days of the Song Dynasty’s regime. The jasmine blooms are picked on Spring mornings just before they bloom. Once the jasmine buds bloom in the evening, they are infused with tea leaves for four hour periods or longer, repeatedly for about 6-7 times. The jasmine tea has been made in the Fujian province.

Taste, appearance, aroma of the tea

The Spring Wind Jasmine Green tea is known for its exceptional high concentration of buds. A lovely orange-yellow tint when brewed that reminds you of the sunset, and refreshing notes that remind you of the spring, that’s the Jasmine Green tea for you. The medium bodied tea has refreshing notes with an undertone of sweetness that is not too heady or overpowering.

Health benefits of the tea

The jasmine infusion has calming sedative effects that reduce the heart rate, serving as a stress-reliever and anti-depressant alike. The antixodant-rich green tea brings down cancer risks by targeting free radicals, and also has anti-aging effects on the skin. Regular consumption of the jasmine tea promotes heart health and blood circulation.

Why you should give this tea a try

A refreshing beverage for any time of the day, or a magical elixir that boosts physical and mental health, the Spring Wind Jasmine Green Tea impresses with its deep flavors.

How to brew the tea

A small portion of the tea should suffice for each brew due its strong flavors. You will need 1 level teaspoon for 1 cup (4 for a teapot). Boil the water in a teapot and allow it to rest for about two minutes, Then, pour the water into the tea, and let it settle for about three minutes. The tea should turn a pale golden green when done, and you will know by the wafting jasmine scent anyway.

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