Tai Ping Hou Kui – Green Tea


It is an unusual looking handcrafted leaf, bright green colour, long and flat in shape. It has lingering sweetness in taste.

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Tai Ping Hou Kui originated in 1900; its main production area is in the Huang Shan Mountain northeast foothill of Taiping County. Because the rainfall is abundant, the marvelous natural environment has provided the perfect growth condition for the tea tree. The appearance of Tai Ping Hou Kui is unique among tea; the buds are tall and growing upright, measures up to 10 cm.

The tea leaves are hand plucked and there are very strict regulations and criteria to be followed when harvesting this particular green leaf tea. The tea leaves must be facing north on the mountain with high altitude, an individual plant is selected and the branch must be thick, and not infected with any disease. The leaves are plucked in the early morning and sent to the factory by 10am. There are specific guidelines when plucking Taiping Houkui. For example, plants that have no bud on top, ones those are too big or too small, any purple color found, and leaves that are damaged by disease are not acceptable to be picked. After the tea leaves have been sorted through, they will undergo a rigorous heating process.

Tall Glass Brewing Method

The water temperature for brewing Taiping Houkui tea is essential for preparing the perfect cup of tea. The water should only be between 170 to 175 degrees F; the tall glass brewing method is an easy and simple way to enjoy Taiping Houkui. All you need to do is use a tall glass, put the tea leaves in first, and then fill the glass with the recommend temperature of water. Once the leaves sink to the bottom of the glass, the tea is ready to be enjoyed. Good quality teas like Taiping Houkui should never become bitter; thus the leaves can remain in the glass while you sip the tea.

Be sure to store the tea leaves in an air tight container in a location of the home that maintains consistent temperature to prevent any moisture coming in contact with the tea.

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