Whole world is currently suffering from Covid-19 / Coronavirus and there are so many research and experiments are being done related to this dangerous viral infection. Can tea cure the Covid 19 virus? Different comments and opinions on this controversial topic. Let’s have a discussion on the suggestion of drinking tea to cure the Covid-19 / Coronavirus.

Covid 19 can be introduced as an infectious disease caused by a virus and it damages the humans’ respiratory system causing symptoms like cough, fever, and difficulty in breathing. According to current statistics (as at 03.04.2020) more than one million people are affected by the virus and more than fifty thousand deaths are reported all over the world.

There was a message shared through several social media saying that doctor Li Wenliang (Chinese doctor who told about Corona for the first time) had proposed through some researches to drink tea to cure Covid 19 disease. The conclusion of the research was the chemical compounds like Methylxanthine, Theobromine and Theophylline found in Tea may decrease the impact of Covid 19 virus on the human body. Further, it was saying that China used Tea as a natural remedy to cure Covid 19 patients in hospitals. However, later media said that the above information shared through social media is fake and there is no any positive effect of tea to cure Covid 19. Researchers of Zhejiang Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention says that polyphenols available in tea can kill Covid 19 virus by directly connecting virus to those chemicals. Based on this result, research team suggest that regular drinking of tea could help prevent the infection of Covid 19 or Coronavirus. This test is to be undergo several experiments for animals and then for human beings before confirm the medical theory and coming to a conclusion.

However, once we drink tea, it is directly going to our digestive system while Covid 19 is attacking our lungs. Therefore, the requirement of contacting the chemical compounds in tea and Corona virus is not completing and we cannot expect the same result. If we consider about the chemical composition of Tea, it contains Caffeine (Methylxanthine), Theobromine and Theophylline as main chemical compounds. If these compounds can suppress the Covid 19 virus, Tea can be introduced as best natural remedy consist with these compounds. However doctors have clearly instructed people to drink hot water regularly to destroy the Covid 19 virus at the very early stage. Drinking of hot water may eliminate the virus-infected in the throat as the virus is not tolerating for high temperatures. Considering all the above information, we can conclude that even though explained chemical compounds did not act against the Corona virus, drinking of any type of hot beverage will definitely support to protect you from Covid 19 virus. Thus, you can drink tea frequently to keep your throat away from Covid 19 virus.

Let’s drink at least four cups of tea per day and cooperate with each other to defeat dangerous Corona Virus!

Author:Lakshika Prasadi

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