A sheet of watercolour paper stained with red tea and rusted using metallic washers and a rusty piece of wire. One of a series of mixed media artworks where I also applied collage, hand-stitching with embroidery thread and graphite marks. It is an abstract artwork combining crafty traditional techniques with a contemporary approach.

25 x 17.5 cms / 10″ x 7″

The rusting process takes its time. I need to inmerse the watercolour paper in water till it’s completely soaked -so heavyweight paper is definitely better, since it’s more resilient- and then lay the rusty washers on it. Adding hydrogen peroxide to the water helps the process. The rustmarks take a few hours to settle on the paper. Then I need to wait for the paper to dry completely, that usually takes about 24 hours.

Any added techniques are entirely up to the artist. Combining different kinds of tea to stain the paper renders beautiful results, since each one of them has a different colour. Staining a dry sheet of paper produces darker stains with hard edges. If the paper is already wet, you get something similar to watercolour washes.


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