The Secrets of Cold Brew Tea

The Secrets of Cold brew tea…

Cold Brew Tea?

Yes, you heard it correct, and it is time to take a walk, through this rising trend of the tea world. Here are some fascinating facts about this remarkably simple, yet delicate and delicious tea type.

Cold Brew teas are made simply by steeping the made tea leaves in cold or room temperature water, for an extended period. Here, the underlying principle is really interesting. The brewing process extracts the tea molecules and flavors slowly into the water over time, rather than the normal temperature accelerated brewing process. The process is incredibly simple and when you get the hang of it, this will become a daily habit or a hobby for tea lovers. The oldest evidence of cold brewing is found from Japan and according to literature, in Japan, this technique has been used for gentle extraction of flavor from tea leaves. There has been a belief that hot water brewing may lead to deteriorating the natural compounds in the tea leaves.

However, it might worry someone when you think about the composition of the cold tea brew as opposed to hot tea brew. Here is the good news, experts have found that cold brew tea contains almost similar amounts of antioxidants in the brew due to extended steeping time. Moreover, due to the slow extraction and low-temperature conditions, some of the volatile tea compounds can be extracted without any damage from the heat. Thus it is a fantastic way to make a refreshing cup of tea, packed with the same amounts of antioxidants as your regular cup of tea.

With that briefing, it is time to master the art of cold brewing. It needs absolutely no skill or specialty but your interest and creativity. However, the quality of the tea that you are using will have an impact on the flavor profile of the brew. So make sure to use a fairly good quality tea for steeping.

Here we brew!

Follow these amazingly simple steps to prepare your cold brew teacup.

  • Pick a vessel of your desire, preferably a glass container with a lid.

  • Add about 2-3 tablespoons of tea and remember to keep the ratio about 1.5 – 2 x the regular amount.

  • Another measurement is having a ratio 1:50 between tea and water (20g tea per liter water).

  • Fill with cold water and close the lid.

  • Refrigerate the container for 6-10 hours (overnight) and you can alter the brewing time according to the required strength

  • Strain the teas to a glass and serve

Facts to remember:

  • You can always rinse the dry tea leaves before cold brewing and this is not a must but a safety precaution that we recommend.

    • It is fine to use cold water for rinsing Green tea, White tea, Yellow tea, Oolong tea, and Black tea.

    • We recommend using boiling water for rinsing Aged tea (Puerh tea, and dark tea, Aged oolong), Herbal tea and Flower tea as these teas might carry dust molds and such undesired components due to its processing techniques.

  • Teas that are brewed for more than 24 hours are not recommended for consumption as it might change the properties of the brew.

  • Choose good quality water for cold brewing, bottle water or filtered water are best.

Experiment your ways

Preparation of cold brew tea is super simple and you have countless opportunities with this. Feel free to experiment by mixing different teas as per your desire, and also you can blend or infuse the teas with different fruit pieces and herbs as well. Develop your recipes by changing the brewing parameters and the ingredient compositions. For example, you can change the water to tea ratio with different tea types and also the brewing time. Minimally it is recommended to cold steep the teas for two hours and beyond this, anything is possible. It is alright to play with additives like sweeteners, syrups, and juices to develop some fun, exciting and refreshing beverages for daily use. You could also add some sparkling water into the beverages that you are making and sometimes tea lovers tend to use sparkling water alone for cold brewing of tea, replacing water.

Benefits of Cold Brew tea

Apart from its simple preparation technique, these teas can bring you loads of many other benefits. For example, flavor-wise these teas exhibit a delicate and mellow flavor profile and it is refreshing too. The simple preparation technique and the refreshing properties make it an ideal beverage for the summer and it’s a fantastic option if you’re planning to serve a large crowd. It does not need the precision of measurements and parameter control and still, you end up with a delicious result.

Due to the slow extraction process, this tea contains comparatively less content of caffeine, and thus it makes a perfect beverage for caffeine conscious consumers. In other words, this means the tea will not create any trouble for sleeping.

Moreover, this technique helps you to try regular teas with a new twist of flavors. For instance, assume someone is not drinking green tea due to its inherent bitterness. Here is the easiest way to try the same tea and it will definitely taste better, softer and milder.

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