"London Fog" 12"x8" Tea and Pen
"Care For One?" 12'x5" Tea and Pen ​

“Care For One?” 12’x5″ Tea and Pen ​

Series Statement:

Stress is a heavy burden that everyone carries on their
shoulders. A common method to ease this burden is tea. A good cup of hot
tea has the potential to vaporize our not-so-good days into thin air, and
this, is what my series is about. When drinking tea, life seems to stop for
just one moment. The steam and the warmth stow away our fears and worries.
I want to depict the feeling of letting out a deep breath, and realizing
the beauty this world has to offer. Just be, and have a cup of tea.

About Me (Vivea Reutov):

There is no possible way for me to pinpoint one solid reason as to
why I create art. I mean, art is stressful and at times it makes me want to
pull my hair out and screech into the heavens like a prehistoric
pterodactyl. It’s time consuming, frustrating, but in the end, way worth
it. Art is absolute madness; it takes me to places I never even thought
existed. There are hands that grab onto the noodles of my brain that pull
me everywhere at once. These hands pull me onto different paths that lead
me to draw different things: self portraits, mythical cat forests, and even
dragons made of tree bark. There are so many ideas that clutter the empty
space that lies between my eyes and my brain, and it’s up to my dainty
princess hands to bring these ideas to life. Drawing, painting, carving,
all of ways of expressing art are complex anomalies to me; It’s because of
this mystery, that I keep on creating.



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