Welcome to Our New Home at TeaCanvas

Where your passion is our specialty

It’s our pleasure to welcome our loyal Grand Tea customers to our new home at TeaCanvas, where you will find all of your favourite teas and recent arrivals along with brand new features that add special value to your experience.

At TeaCanvas, we believe that combining tea and art creates the perfect balance between peace and relaxation. An avid artist himself, the owner of TeaCanvas is giving local artists a global venue for their wonderful artwork, which you will now find on our product packaging and throughout unique galleries hosted on our website. When you shop at TeaCanvas, you are not only enjoying the finest tea products available, you are also supporting the culture of creativity and artists with a talent for expression.

Here, you will find all your favourite teas along with a growing selection of creative new teas that focus on various health benefits and sustainable practices. Every package is now a canvas that includes unique artwork based on aesthetic styles, colours, and natural themes. From inspiring metaphors and symbolisms to distinct techniques and designs, TeaCanvas artwork is sure to intrigue your senses as you indulge in our aromatic and expertly-crafted variety of teas.

A refreshing experience

We are so glad for the opportunity to bring our select and delicate Chinese teas to discerning customers all over the world. To enhance your tea drinking experience, we would like to add an element of art and culture to your patronage. You may choose to support your favorite artists by visiting our gifts page, where you can browse and purchase art prints and various other artistic gifts.

Every order of our select variety of teas will now include specialty artwork with a QR code that links you directly to the artist’s exhibition galleries right here on our website. If you like what you see, you are welcome to stay and explore one-of-a-kind pieces in our diverse and exquisite art galleries while enjoying your cup of tea.

Are you an artist interested in printing your artwork on our products? Visit our exhibitions page to learn more and submit your own artwork.

Are you a returning Grand Tea customer? Enjoy a 10% discount on all of our products until March 30th, 2020!

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