Are you looking for Chinese tea supplier?

Are you thinking to start a tea business, for example a tea room, online tea shop or maybe you’re a tea party business? What you need is a tea supplier that can send you good quality Chinese tea at a reasonable price. Further, a tea supplier need to be reliable with a good personal service.

Grand Tea Company (teacanvas.com) is a Chinese tea wholesaler that can provide an array of teas from different parts of China. We fully understand that small tea businesses do not usually purchase a large amount tea and therefore I have set a very low minimum order.

In case you are looking for something we don’t have, we can source it for you through our reliable connection or partners which we have built through the year we worked as a Chinese tea wholesaler. We are working closely with farmers and bigger company; therefore we are able to handle big orders as well as small orders.

Our buyers come from many different parts of the world. Indonesia, Malaysia, Germany and some of our biggest buyers are from English-speaking countries, such as the USA, Australia, where they buy in bulk and distribute our teas as their own brand. We ship our tea worldwide and serve as one stop tea distributor of premium Chinese teas.

For wholesale inquires please contact us with your requirements. https://www.teacanvas.com/pages/bio-contact/